When is the best time of year to refresh your external paintwork?

The sun may still be shining in Cambridge this Autumn, however at this time of year the weather is unpredictable. A sunny afternoon often drops in temperature very quickly, and in the worst case brings heavy downpours.

A good external paint job should last for 5 years or more, so it’s worth getting it right for a longer lasting finish.

There are a few weather factors that can affect the finish and longevity of your external paintwork:

Direct Sunlight – too much can dry the paint far too quickly. This means it doesn’t absorb fully so may not take well.

Strong winds – this can lead to the binding agent evaporating too quickly. Just like the effects of direct sunlight, this can lead to the paint not having enough time to adhere and absorb correctly.

High Temperatures – In the UK often with high temperatures comes high humidity levels.

When humidity is high, the paint is exposed to a greater amount of water vapor. With more moisture in the air, it takes longer for the water within the paint to evaporate. Therefore affecting the drying process.

 Low Temperatures – Cold weather in the UK often brings high relative humidity that affects certain paints. Paints based on natural oils and resins become very thick or semi-solid at low temperatures. Equally latex paints will freeze at low temperatures.

 Rain – the effects of rain are pretty obvious and not only waste time but also money. The weather in the UK can be unpredictable, so before starting any job keep an eye on the weather forecast. Make sure you are allowing enough time to not only finish the paintwork, but also allow it time to dry properly as well.

As professional tradesman we would advise that the most reliable time of year to book your external paintwork is in the Spring.

Our years of experience in the complications in variable weather means that we only take bookings from Spring until end of Sept to ensure the best possible, long lasting finish.

So if you want to get your external paintwork refreshed contact us today to get a free quote and book your slot in early Spring. Its sooner than you think !


When is the best time of year to refresh your external paintwork?
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