10 BIG Ideas that can add monetary and personal value to your home.

Making improvements to your home is a great way to refresh your space, adapt to your changing family needs and finally provides the benefit of maximising the value of your house to work your way up the property ladder.

Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling and your budget, you can make smaller improvements, such as redecorating. Or you could go to the other end of the scale and undergo extension and renovation projects to transform your home.

Here are 10 Larger Home Improvement Ideas that could make your house a home, or help you fully realise the financial potential of the property.

  1. Extensions

One-story or two-story, extensions can be built in a range of sizes and within reason (and planning restrictions) this is an opportunity to really make the most of your plot. Some extensions fall under permitted planning, we’ll be doing an article on this soon. If you do decide to have an extension make sure you work with an architect or architectural engineer to get the right plan and permissions. There’s nothing worse starting an extension and having it grind to halt when the local authority step in. Tip: Remember to keep your neighbours in the loop – you may need a Party Wall Agreement.

  1. Loft conversion

You could make better use of redundant loft space in your house by converting it into an extra room. It can be a very flexible space some ideas could include a master suite or guest bedroom, a home office, playroom, music room, den or even a combined multi use space. Tip: If the loft room is to be used for sleeping in then there are strict building regulations around this.

  1. Garage conversion

Not too many of us actually use our garage for what it was intended for – putting the car away for the night! More often than not garages are used to store bikes, lawnmowers and boxes of old books, furniture etc. If you were to clear away and invest in a shed for the lawnmower its likely you could section off the garage into different spaces such as: a bike store, utility room, study or home office or a kids den. Tip: A garage conversion constitutes a change of use could require permissions.

  1. New kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can seem a hassle but it can really reap rewards. A good builder will be able to set up a temporary kitchen for you for the duration of your work. If you make this room the heart of your home property could become a lot more appealing to prospective buyers who won’t have the headache of replacing it themselves. Tip: If you’re doing work to your kitchen and plan to sell in the near-mid term future we advise that you chose a modern classic design like Shaker style that won’t date.

  1. New bathroom

Having a new bathroom installed can be disruptive, but it’s worth the money and hassle as it’s one of the rooms that will attract people to your property and done well will increase its value too. Tip: Stick to white bathroom suites, colour trends come and go which can date your suite quickly. If you want to introduce colour and design trends then use paint, tiles and accessories and change regularly to suit what you like at the time.

  1. Conservatory

The main reason people choose to add a conservatory to their home is for the extra space it provides, and possibly at a more affordable cost than a extension. And is less disruptive to install. Whether you’re growing family just needs more space or you want to add an extra room for entertaining. It gives you stunning views of your garden or surrounding countryside. Tip: You don’t always need to get planning permission for a conservatory, it depends on the height amongst other things a builder will be able to guide you on this.

  1. Ensuite

If you have a large bedroom, you could consider using some of that space to make room for an ensuite. Ensuites bath or shower rooms are great for family life – less queuing and shouting at the loo door to hurry up! Tip: Invest in a big shower head (if your water pressure allows) and dimmable lighting for that home spa feel!

  1. New windows and front door

These can instantly change the appearance and style of your house. The wrong type of windows in a period home can actually devalue a house. New windows and doors have the added benefit of improving security and if you live in an urban setting sound pollution too. Tip: Consider your lifestyle – do the windows ensure child safety and high security features to suit you?

  1. Driveway

Upgrading your driveway will give your house massive kerb appeal and will give the impression of a well maintained home. Tip: Remember to allow space for some plants to soften the overall look.

  1. Porch/Bootroom

The convenience of a porch can serve a great purpose in a family home. It gives you somewhere to store coats, boots, sports bags, umbrellas etc. It will help your hallway remain clean and tidy. Tip: Invest in a shoe cupboard with enough drawers for each family member to have their own.

How to add value to your house – Part 1.

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