Five big ideas that, for a small investment, can add financial and personal value to your home.

Want to know what you can do to add value to your home if larger renovations or home improvements are not in your budget? Here are our tips for five less disruptive and more affordable alterations you could consider:

  1. Mirrors and lights

Adding mirrors will allow the light to reflect around the room, making a room appear more spacious and airy. Statement light fittings are on trend right now, so take your time to choose something that is right for the room and has the ‘wow’ factor.

Tip: Statement lighting can be expensive but if you look around places like Dunelm and IKEA have a great , affordable lighting sections, they change styles regularly and your new lights won’t break the bank.

  1. Declutter

Spend some time going through your things and get rid of anything you haven’t used for a six months or more – chances are you won’t need it again. Take anything that is still in good condition to your local charity shop. Recycle what you can at your local recycling centre. And why not make some money too – toys in good condition sell well on local social media sales groups. Time spent decluttering is also incredibly cathartic!

Tip: Furniture resale charities such as Emmaus will collect larger items.

  1. Redecorate

Redecorate the house to freshen up scratched and scuffed woodwork and walls or to bring the style bang up to date. If you’re hoping to put your property on the market soon, stick to neutral colours and inject colour and patterns into the room via accessories and soft furnishings.

Tip: If you just don’t have the time or skill (let’s face it, a bad wallpapering or paint job can actually make your house less saleable) then call in the professionals. It’s an investment that will pay for itself in the long run.

  1. Garden refresh

Gardens are often forgotten or fall far down on our priority lists when thinking about investing in the home. Speak with a landscape gardener or an experienced builder to plan how you can best make use of the garden space you have and make it suit your lifestyle. Small changes in a garden such as a new path, adding a shed, patio or raised vegetable beds can completely change how much your garden attracts prospective buyers.

Tip: Declutter your garden, if you have children with lots of plastic garden toys invest in a garden chest box to pop their things in. Not only is this tidier but it also keeps plastics toys from getting brittle from sun damage and slimy from rain and dirt build up.

  1. Replace fascias, downpipes, guttering and repair roofing tiles.

We know this one sounds a bit dull but property maintenance is not only important to the integrity and structure of your house but also makes a subtle but key impression on prospective buyers. People viewing your home will often decide whether they want to buy your property before they even step inside it. Leaking downpipes and guttering, broken fascia boards and roof tiles can give a bad impression. Leaks can create problems for your property such as damp walls, damaged windows and doors. Water will find a way in if it’s given the opportunity!

Tip: Have a good look around your property and make a list of what needs doing externally. Crack on with repairs and replacements quickly. If you’re not confident doing this type of work or don’t have big ladders (or just don’t like heights) get a professional builder in.


How to add value to your house – Part 2.

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