There are many good reasons to remodel and update your bathroom.  This room gets a lot of use and you spend a surprising amount of time in it. It is one of the two rooms in your house that an improvement in will add the most value to your property. (The other being your kitchen.)

Here are our top five reasons to renovate your bathroom:

1. Change of circumstances

Big shower rooms are great for single people and couples. But when a two becomes three (or whatever the mix of your family is) then it’s time to get a bath.  You can’t bathe them in the sink forever – kids have a tendency to grow! Or maybe everyone has grown up and flown the coop. Perhaps it would make more sense to have a wet room. If your current bathroom setup isn’t fit for purpose anymore it is time to change it.

2. Moving home

Your bathroom may be fine for your daily usage but look again, it may not be up to scratch. If yours is looking a bit down at heel then potential buyers will immediately be thinking they will have to spend money updating it. A clean, modern bathroom could help to seal the deal & add value to the selling price. It’s an investment worth making and could add up to 5% to the value of your home.

3. Lack of comfort

Your bathroom should be a refuge at the end of long working day. If you find it hard to relax or do not relish the idea of a soak in the bath, deep down you may not be happy with the décor or layout. As well as being functional your bathroom is a place to spend time pampering yourself. Make it into your home sanctuary.

4. Outdated and old

Do you have an avocado or apricot suite? While some people relish the retro look most people think those coloured suites have had their day. Wall to wall carpeting and louvre doors were all the rage in the 80’s but are very tired now. Whether your budget is small or large there’s lots of things you can do. From changing the taps, and shower heads or flooring & tiling through to a total refurb there’s a lot of options.

5. Repairs and problems

Damp, mould, a cracked shower tray, leaking taps, broken vanity units, damaged tiles all scream for some investment in your bathroom. A survey by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme shows that 22% of people surveyed would wait in excess of four days to fix a leaky toilet.  This can result in 400 litres of water being wasted. That’s a lot of water.  Don’t leave maintenance issues to fester, they will cost you more in the long run.

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