Have you ever looked at a brightly coloured door and wondered about the people who live there? We were surprised to learn that us Brits will make a judgement about a person just 10 seconds after seeing the colour of their front door.

When it comes to selecting the right colour for your door there’s a lot to consider. As well as finding a shade you like, you may also want to think about what message it sends to visitors, as well as the neighbours and how it fits into the environment – especially if you live in a conservation area or Listed property. If you have the freedom to choose whatever you like then read on for our guide to what a door colour says about its owner:

White: associated with a calm and peaceful home. simple, crisp and pristine. The colour often associated with new build houses, white creates a sense of uniformity and conformity, yet exudes cleanliness (if maintained) and suggests the homeowner is organised and tidy.  The reason why white is so often used for new properties could lie in its meaning, as it is said to erase negativity and symbolise a new start.

Blue: depending on the shade, is considered to be harmonious and restorative, and favoured by successful people who tend to be a little conservative. Navy blue is considered to be the colour chosen by those who are the most intelligent.

Yellow: front doors are thought of as the happiest and most welcoming hosts.  It will probably come as no surprise to learn that yellow is linked to creativity and a positive attitude; it is a happy colour that is sure to bring a smile.

Green: is calm, quiet and soothing. Green is a great colour for your front door, as it signifies someone who cares about traditional values, their home and neighbourhood.  It represents ambition and a desire for personal growth. It is also associated with money; therefore it suggests that you are good with your finances.  A person with a green front door is said to be someone who is trustworthy, according to colour psychologists.

Red : signifies passion and self-confidence. Instantly recognised as offering good cheer, a red front door is more likely to be preferred by commanding, dynamic and engaging individuals.

Pink: youthful, spirited and playful hosts will welcome you into a house with a pink front door. Of all the door colours the owners are believed to be the most outgoing and mischievous.

Brown: not painted brown, we mean a natural wooden door, which is thought to convey a sense of warmth.  Brown obviously has strong connections to nature and as such invokes a sense of stability and reliability.

Purple: is associated with wealth and power, this is a dramatic and bold choice.

Black:  owners of homes with a black door are considered to be the most anonymous, and therefore most mysterious, elegant, powerful, and prestigious.  Think about Number 10!

Grey: homeowners with a painted grey or even modern aluminium grey door these doors are thought to be understated and sincere. Grey doors are timeless and classic.

Painting your front door in an eye-catching shade is a quick and easy way to instantly improve your home’s appearance. Contact us to for a free quote.

The Psychology of Front Doors: What Does Yours Say About You?
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