Here is a price guide for our labour, based on using our preferred materials. Any materials will be charged to the customer as agreed prior to any work taking place.

Kitchen fitting from £2000

Hanging internal door £55

Hanging external door £350-£450

PVC window £150

PVC door £200

Install locks £50

Assembling Furniture £40 per hour

Real Wood Flooring £25-£60 per square meter

Laminate Flooring £10-£20 per square meter

Please note that doors can vary greatly due to existing frames.

We can also build doors from scratch, set new stone doorsteps & reglaze to spec.

Why not ask about our stable doors?

Prices for Stripping

Wallpaper £75-£170 per room

Tiles £5-£10 per square meter

Laminate, carpet or vinyl flooring £8-15 per square meter


Floor/wall £30-£60 per square meter


Gloss on radiator/door & door frames/window & window frames

£40-£60 per item

Sash Windows(inside and outside up to first floor)£150-£300 per window

Wallpapering £40-£60 per roll



Single room: £175
Double room: £225
Large rooms/living room: £250
Kitchen: £150
Toilet: £80
Bathroom: £150
Hallway single story: £300
Passage two story inc. Stairwell: £750

*The above prices include painting walls and ceilings & exclude painting on any woodwork.

Whole apartment/flat:

1 Bedroom flat £750

2 Bedroom (1 double) £950

3 Bedroom (2 double) £1200

4 Bedroom (3 double) £1400

5 Bedroom (4 double)£1600

Whole house:

1 Bedroom £850

2 Bedroom (1 double) £1100

3 Bedroom (2 double) £13 00

4 Bedroom (3 double) £1500

5 Bedroom (4 double) £1800

**Prices above include the cost of painting all walls and celings,1 kitchen,1 bathroom, 1 hallway,(excludes woodwork & doors)

Please note that all woodwork is assessed and priced according to its existing state, this includes ebonising, staining & varnish work

Please contact us for a quotation.